Dual Band Whole Home
Wi-Fi System
(Pack of 2)

Covr transfer seamlessly, allowing you to walk from room to room without experiencing dropped VoIP calls or frozen video streams.

Dual Band Whole Home Mesh
Wi-Fi System
(Pack of 3)

Covr ensures your entire home is covered by a single, seamless network using a single network name (SSID), making interrupted connections, drop-outs.

Mesh for Everyone's

Seamless Wi-Fi Perfected

With Covr, every corner of your house is blanketed with high-speed Wi-Fi,
so no-one’s left out in a Wi-Fi dead zone. And with one SSID for your entire
home, you’ll never have to remember different network names or passwords
as you move from room to room.

There’s a Covr for
every home

Whether you live in a multi story house or apartment, Covr
solutions are flexible enough to cover different housing sizes
and configurations in smooth Wi-Fi.

Get the simple setup

Quick and simple installation with the free D-Link Wi-Fi App

For quick setup, install the app in your phone, plug in your Covr Points, and follow the simple app instructions. Connect your smart home devices to Covr with the one-touch WPS button.